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Living in Japan, I have been involved in exporting and developing overseas markets for over two decades and found EXPORT & IMPORT, Winning in the Global Marketplace a great confirmation of many of my activities. For me it took at least 10 years to learn what is explained in this book. For anyone interested expanding overseas, it is a valuable resource to get started successfully and quickly.

In spite of my experience, I learned two points made in the book that was of critical importance. One is to learn the current user pricing of your product in the market you wish to sell in. Second is to evaluate the different distribution methods in that market to reach the target user and how to calculate margins. Too many companies (including mine), simply export and have no idea what the user pays for the products.

Good job Leif!!



I have taught higher education international business and marketing courses for over 21 years. During this time I have used or reviewed numerous texts for several levels of instruction in international business, marketing, export/import and international negotiations. Most of the texts used in colleges and universities today tend to be academic, theoretical and can cost a student upwards of $200.

There is a vast need for export/import texts and ancillary teaching materials to satisfy the needs of corporate/executive training, seminar/workshop, community college, small business development and international trade center markets, as well as the university level.

In my professional opinion, I believe that, in its class and price range, Export & Import: Winning in the Global Marketplace by Leif Holmvall is the best book on today's export/import book market. It is far superior to export/import books produced by government agencies, other authors and publishers.

The major strengths of this text (and soon to be available teacher's handbook, Power Point presentations, group work exercises and exams) is its clarity, conciseness, ease of reading, excellent illustrations and graphics, practical hands-on approach, supported by real world examples. This book will serve both the beginner and the seasoned export/importer as a valuable, comprehensive, text and reference guide. This book reflects the world-wide experience and entrepreneurship of the author as a successful practitioner and not that of merely a theoretician.

Gene J. Malvino
Professor (retired) International Business and Marketing,
Small Business Development and International Trade Center Export Business Coach 

My evaluation of the book, Export & Import, Winning in the Global Marketplace, by Leif Holmvall Relevance

  • Near perfect. Covers everything heard, mentioned, learned in class or never been heard or thought of (by newcomers like me).
  • Well divided. One can read from beginning to end or choose a specific topic of interest without confusion.
  • Addressed commonly made mistakes and/or misconceptions.
  • Asking questions triggers attention and somehow makes the point easier to understand.
  • The step-by-step procedures and checklists are crystal clear and empower the reader who feels he can start something and get somewhere.
  • Highly motivating. The quotations crack a smile and leave the readers with a feeling of shared common sense.
  • Appreciated the grids to be made in order to evaluate a given situation. Example, page 252, giving discounts, shows in black and white the impact. Easy to reproduce with one’s personal situation.
  • Examples - diversified, detailed, from the real world, illustrating the point being studied.
  • The glossary and especially the links to the web are gems.
  • Language used was easy to understand
  • Clear, right to the point, keeps the reader on their toes about what’s next?
  • This book gave me a deeper insight of everyday international commerce.
  • All by itself, it offers numerous tools easily applicable to different situations. Instead of remaining bewildered and with a blurred conception of what could be done, I feel I could build something and would constantly be referring to its pages as my project would advance.
  • This book offers a strong dose of reality, I would wish to be drilled and push forward, toward excellence.
  • I perceived this book as a form of written mentorship. It does surpasses 2 others books (although they did have strong points) that I read on the same topics.

Michelle Champagne, B.A.A. International Commerce
Bachelor degree student, Canada

I've read your book and I consider it, fantastic! I provide International Business Advisory to Companies interested in Latin America. Initially, I got your book from a friend who's also does International Business Development. I liked it so much that I bought a copy for myself.

I found your down to earth straight-forward approach refreshing and in my opinion, most needed these days, where one must be concise and fast...the other thing I've found appealing is its unique combination of good old school and yet very fresh and contemporaneous style...This is particularly important today, where having access to too much information "floating" around becomes an obstacle in itself...

Luis Alejandro Graterol, General Director
Repano Consulting Inc. Canada

As a trainer of exporting, I know the importance of making the information clear and impactful. I highly value Leif's book, Export & Import-Winning in the Global Marketplace and use his book in conjunction with my own material. His methods are logical and supported by real life examples. His approach to teaching exporting is hands-on and the book provides useful tools. Leif is Swedish, has lived in Europe and now lives in North America. He has conducted business in numerous countries thus his views reflect a thoroughly global perspective.

Elyse Eriksson
The Riddle of the Exporter-Group & Onsite Training

Excellent value for money, solid practical advice and checklists to start exporting your company's products and services overseas, while avoiding the most common mistakes.

As a longtime international sales and business development manager at various companies I heard about this book only recently on a LinkedIn group. Canadian companies seem reluctant or fearful of exporting (other than to the USA) and end up with all their revenue stream 'eggs' in one vulnerable basket.

Export & Import shows you why you should export and then gives you a clear set of actions and checklists to identify suitable export markets, find distributors and dealers, price your product correctly and make better margins than you do in your domestic market.

It also shows you the pitfalls in dealing with different cultures and timezones and helps you avoid them. This is not some academic 'market penetration strategy', it is a solid set of common-sense actions to successfully export (and import) backed up with lots of examples and stories from the author's war chest of experience. It's a cheap way to learn from other people's mistakes.

I would like to see more detail on things like INCO terms , letters of credit and the new US (and Canadian) Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts but there are plenty of pointers to information on the web for everything from country profiles to market analysis and much more.

It's a very readable 'What they didn't teach you at business school about Exporting' book. I like it.

Peter Warburton,
International Sales & Business Development, Canada

Leif has written a very comprehensive export / import reference guide. It will be useful to anyone entering the international world of trade but also to the seasoned expert who has been operating in this environment for some time.

Robert McCabe, President
McCabe Management International Business Development, Canada

I help international companies succeed in the United States. I have been doing this as a consultant for over 10 years. Before that, like the author Leif Holmvall, I traveled the world for 12 years as an international salesman. I share this with you so you have some idea of the qualifications I posses to make this recommendation. Simply put, Leif has succeeded where academia and government organizations (Small Business Administration, etc...) have failed in creating the first useful, practical, easy to digest guide for taking your private business global.

To Business Owners Everywhere: If you read this book, plan as he says, engage local experts to use as a sounding board and to advise where needed, and then fully commit your company to this endeavor YOU WILL SUCCEED. More than that you and your company will grow not only from increased international sales but also from the agility and product innovation that comes from competing in a broader world market.

I highly recommend this book be read cover to cover and then kept readily accessible in your company's business library as a resource to continually guide you through the global expansion process.

Mike Gomez,
President, Allegro Consulting

This book, written as a comprehensive text and reference guide for exporters, has probably the most practical exporting tips one could imagine. Leif Holmvall's decades of international export experience, some as a Swedish trade commissioner, is laid out in easily understood language. His real business examples, to illustrate the various topics, jump off these pages.

It is an excellent total export primer, suitable for all levels of business from novice businessmen to professional marketers and excellent for college and university students in any country.

Bill Milne, CET, JN
Alex Milne Associates Ltd

I have been doing business worldwide for more than 35 years. I have been teaching international business for more than 25 years, using Leif’s books. From now on, I will use "Export & Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace".

This new book explains how to build a business in a global marketplace in a very clear and understandable way, with dozens of practical examples. The contents are useful for business people and are excellent for those who teach international business. I recommend it to everyone that wants to learn how to do international business and expand overseas.

For teachers and consultants, I also recommend the Teacher’s handbook, which comes with over 1000 PowerPoint slides, exams, group work and exercises. They have all been adapted from the book, including pictures from Leif’s extensive travels overseas. In addition to assisting the students’ learning about international business ideas and practices, the slides allow the students a first-hand view of the local people, cultures and outlook of countries they may choose to work in.

Knut Arnet, President

I do business and train company executives and students throughout the Americason how to do business internationally. Most books on international business are too academic and do not provide practical knowledge and examples that connect with the students and companies I work with.  Export & Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace fits all my requirements.  It takes the reader, step by step and in an easily understandable way, through different challenges and hurdles with real life scenarios from all over the world.  An abundant source of useful information, it gives the reader the opportunity to see the knowledge applied in real business situations.  If you want to understand how to do business successfully in today’s global economy - rather than just know what global business is - buy this book!

David Archer, President and Lead Trainer
International Business Trainers

I have been doing international business for over 40 years. Every market is different. The importance of understanding culture is the key to your success. Export & Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace takes the reader in a very entertaining and easy understandable way through the different hurdles and presents proven solutions all with real life examples. This is a "must have book" for any person who wants to conduct international business but also for students to get a head start for a job in that profession.

Lennart Bergh, Export Manager
Alentec & Orion AB

Living in Japan, I have been involved in exporting and developing overseas markets for over 2 decades and found EXPORT & IMPORT, Winning in the Global Marketplace a great confirmation of many of my activities. For me it took at least 10 years to learn what is explained in this book. For anyone interested expanding overseas it is a valuable resource to get someone started successfully quickly.

In spite of my experience, two points made in the book is of critical importance. One is to learn the current user pricing of your product in the market you wish to sell in. Second is to evaluate the different distribution methods in that market to reach that user and how to calculate margins. Too many companies (including mine), simply export and have no idea what the user pays for the products.

Good job Leif!!

Ronald (Ron) D. McFarland,
Overseas General Department Manager
Unika Company Limited. Tokyo

Export & Import – Winning in the Global Marketplace is an outstanding book that is easy understand and uses inspiring examples from around the world to catch the student’s interest. The major feature of the book is the description of international business in a straightforward way, based on real life experiences. Add to that the numerous illustrations, examples and common sense exercises, and you have a real winner. This book fits into the classroom and is well suited for use by individuals and corporations. I strongly recommend it as required reading for teachers, students and experienced business people wanting to expand their practical international business knowledge.

Jerry Manderhjelm President
Credivel AB

Export & Import – Winning in the Global Marketplace is an excellent textbook and a very interesting read. It provides a solid background about what to think about as an exporter, including: identifying future trends, understanding cultural differences, selection of a distributor, currency and financing, technical issues about export and much more. The book is very informative and gives a good balance between international business principles and practical examples.

Karin Hansson
KIH Consulting

"A refreshing change from anything currently on the market today, Leif uses real-world examples to illustrate critical information with ease. It opened my eyes to international business."

Jesse Sulmona - Student
Laurentian University, Canada

I found the Book, Export & Import, Winning in the Global Marketplace very up to date. It is easy to navigate and find the information I was looking for. It is an advantage that the chapters were split into two parts, the first containing the basics and the second providing an option to learn more advanced information. I also use the book as a tool related to my domestic marketing. Unlike the usual academic books full of theory and short on practicalities, this book is easy to read. There are lots of examples and it costs a fraction of the price of other text books. I recommend it for students as well as a resource for any company conducting international business.

Jonas Göransson - Student
Sälj och Marknadshögskolan Sweden

Export & Import winning in the global marketplace is easy to read and understand. It provides good examples and works well as a reference book. Definitely a book that has made us more interested in the practicalities of export and import.

Emil Ramlert & Jenny Tran - students
Sälj & Marknadshögskolan, Malmö, Sweden

Export and Import, Winning in the Global Marketplace is a great book for experienced people and even those starting out new in this business. Here at Kimaya Enterprises i have learned a great deal from his valuable experience and insight. It has given me fresh ideas to implement and new ways to do business internationally. Keep up the good work Mr. Leif, this book is brilliant !

Paul Hendrick Ferns (Business Owner)
Kimaya Enterprises

In these competitive times a sound export policy is a distinguishing factor between companies and is the road to success.

In his book, Holmvall provides us with the keys to successful international business thanks to his more than forty years of experience, providing practical examples which we can apply to our daily dealings.

I have been working in exports for over ten years and this book has become an irreplaceable source of guidance for me to which I constantly return for expert advice.

I believe "Export & Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace" to be an indispensable guide for any export department and it should be compulsory reading at all universities and international business schools.

Javier Sorribes Pérez, Sales Director

I bought this book about import & export written by Leif Holmvall and I must say it is fascinating from the very first page. It is incredible how Leif can concentrate a high volume of information in clear and concise phrases and eventually come to useful conclusions that help the reader take the next steps in the right direction. This is definitely the best book I bought on this subject ever. Easy to read as well. 

Florin Petcu 
Avantis Enterprises

“Export &  Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace is among the top books in the field of international business. It’s an easy read describing objectively how to be prepared to succeed in the global market using practical management tools. Mr. Holmvall shares his vast experience in the field contributing to small and midsize companies to explore the advantaged of exporting without losing control of risks. I recommend this book for international trade professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, students and teachers.”

Renato Barata Gomes, International Marketing Professor and Managing Director of UNQ Import Export


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