Using On-Line Databases in Your Export Activities

These days, international markets are exerting more pressure on exporters. The times when you could analyze past trends to predict future development are gone. Today, marketers must be well informed about the quick changes that are occurring in the market, and be able to adjust to them rapidly.

The world is changing fast, but there are tools to aid you in keeping yourself well informed and up to date. One of these tools is On-line databases.

The On-line database is a very good tool for your market research. Moreover, you can access the database to obtain information from any part of the world. You can get import and export statistics for the new country you are exporting to, or you could access some important statistics about your competitor's country. You can also generate a list of suitable distributors, some information about them, or perhaps do a credit check. You might need some feedback about a specific market and its development. It could also be useful to analyze the different patents your competitors have registered in the previous year, or to access newspaper articles about a certain industry. Perhaps you are looking for a new supplier, companies to buy, patents to license or local industry associations. On-line databases can offer this and much more.


In order to make decisions and select the right markets, distribution, prices etc. you need information. The more familiar you are with the market and it's opportunities, the better your chances are for success. You are well aware that there is information available to you, but how can you have quick access to it?


By using modern technology and databases, you can quickly find relevant information with the help of a computer and a modem. The problem today is not whether there is enough information, but the knowledge of how to access it. We are used to getting our market information through newspapers, by asking our neighbor, using the library, and by visiting the market. Today's society, and it's technique, makes it possible to "access and read all the shelves in the library" and obtain the information we need within minutes. We also have access to many other means of information. All the available sources can be found if we hook up to a commercial database.

Today's heads of organizations, or directors of export etc. have numerous tools at their

disposal. With these tools it is possible to observe how the world is changing. Consequently, you keep continuously keep yourself well informed about what is relevant to your own organization.


The seminar we offer is a 1/2 day program that will give you the understanding and information you need to utilize On-line databases in your export activities. (You are not given sufficient information however to perform the search yourself. We suggest that you in the initial stage use an external consultant for this purpose.)

The following are some areas we will cover in the session:

  • What is a database and how is it beneficial?
  • How can it be used?
  • What are the different types of databases?
  • What does a database contain and how do you search for the information?

Some examples of searches:

  • Import-Export Statistics including what, and to whom, is your competitor exporting?
  • A search for a suitable distributor for each market.
  • Control of the competitors' ongoing activities.
  • A search for the market development in different countries.
  • A search for new patents within your product area.
  • A search for products.
  • Have there been market research projects made in your specific area?
  • Contracts open for bidding, official jurisdictions in EU, The World Bank or other projects. How do I find them?
  • Permanent searches. Automatically give you automatic information each time your demand profile is matched.
  • Discussions about what your specific company can do.
  • Is the internet a source for market research?

This practical program with lots of examples is suitable for heads of organizations and also for individuals who are interested in working in the marketing field. It is useful whether you are working with the domestic market or the export market. The seminar will give you a better understanding of how you can obtain up-to-date marketing information, and how you can use On-line databases in your marketing program.

Does this sound interesting?

Contact us to obtain more information about this program and a proposal tailored for your company. We have programs to suit your needs!  

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