Trade Statistics

Many countries
Strategis. The Canadian Government website gives trade information for Canada and USA (Trade Data Online) but also links to other countries.

Europe  Statistics

SCB, gives information on trade and other issues

Swedish Federal Bank in Swedish. Trade statistics.

North America
For USA and Canada

Trade resources by geographical region

Strategis. The Canadian Government website gives trade information for Canada and USA (Trade Data Online) but also links to other countries

Census Bureau

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Country Info


If the links below do not give you enough information for your country information go to and type in the country your are looking for International phone directory

Russian & East European Studies, U.
Pittsburgh.  Index of electronic sources.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Go to bottom of page to find sites for specific countries.

Library of Congress Have different studies of countries

Country Studies – History, society, economy, government & politics and national security, mainly for developing countries. 

Links to country sources at Portals to the World: Arranged by country, common categories include Business, Commerce & Economy; Government, politics & law.

The Economist

Country Briefings, free online at  60 countries – News, country profiles, forecasts, statistics etc.
Country Profile, Country Reports – see (Top Products)

Economist Intelligence Unit, $.  Country Profile has 5-year statistical data; Country Reports are quarterly updates covering current economic issues, political updates, economic policies, domestic economy data, foreign trade & payments, and business news such as major contracts & investment programs.

The Internationalist

Business Guides to the World
$.  Available for Africa; Mexico, Canada & Latin America; Middle East & South Asia; Pacific Rim; Russia & Eastern Europe; Western Europe. 
Web site at also has “Business information by country” and directories of banks, law firms, stock markets, companies, law firms, trade laws etc.

International Business Information on the Web – Online Directory

Information Today.  Links to the web sites described in the book titled “International Business Information on the Web”. : Country Information, Regional and World Rankings
Statistical facts, figures, and rankings for over 190 countries. Current listings are divided into four categories -- economic, social, technological, and environmental -- and are retrieved from sources such as the CIA World Fact book and

Lex Mundi – Guides to Doing Business
Legal aspects of doing business in different countries

CIA World Factbook

CIA information about countries note if the link does not work start with the main one and look for World Fact Book.

World facts and figures
Has a lot of information. Note however that much of statistics are taken from other sources so it could be old.

Ontario Canada web site. Has a lot of links for country information and different markets.

US Commercial Service.

Country Commercial Guides – Yearly reports on a country's economic, political, and market environment. The key sections are: Executive Summary; Political Environment; Marketing U.S. Products and Services; Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports and Investments; Trade Regulations; Customs and Standards; Investment Climate Statement; Trade and Project Financing; Business Travel; Economic and Trade Statistics; U.S. and Country Contacts; Market Research; and Trade Events Schedule.  Written by the staff of U.S. Embassies, which report to the U.S. State Department.  Not nitty-gritty-type studies, but useful for their breadth of coverage, and simple editorial style. Chapter 2 is Economic Trends & Outlook (US-only access to post 2001 reports)   US web site with country information also see:
  Country commercial guides

United Nations Statistics Division
Millennium Profiles – Statistics on “development” indicators including computer use, Internet use, phone use, urban population.  Social Statistics has data on housing, water treatment, education, income (per capita GDP), unemployment, aging population etc. United Nations Statistics Division
Millennium Profiles – Statistics on “development” indicators including computer use, Internet use, phone use, urban population.  Social Statistics has data on housing, water treatment, education, income (per capita GDP), unemployment, aging population etc.

Harmonized Description and Coding System (HS) T Customs Organization 
Gives you the customs codes for import and export.
Links to trade barrier and market access. Good info as to importing

BUBL World Area Studies

IMD business School, shows evaluation on different countries competitiveness

International Trade, only for members but membership is free.

Mapquest gives information about countries all over the world

Trace has information on Mexico

Travelocity, American airline, connects to information about countries all over the world.

US department of commerce, information on many countries

EU, European Union

General sites

Euro, the European currency

General Information about EU

Europe General  Trade
Information on the expansion of EU
, for trade barriers

Europages Information on companies

US based has a large number of links and information

In Europe  Statistics Ireland on line

Home of the Belgium Government

Czech Republic
Main web site

Main Government web site

German Chamber of Commerce
German Government Website

Website of Federal Government

Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency

export Directory

Enterprise Ireland

Netherland International Home Page


You can also find information on the pages:

Import license Sweden You can see in taric if license required.

Trade statistics Sweden see.

Quota. To see how much is available for Sweden go to Good place for import license and EU and international Swedish customs, quota etc.

Customer association Svensk Handel
Has an import office
Link to trade information

Updated info on trade statistics can you obtain on: or  also look at the main site

Look at  for trade statistics

Site with information on companies and consultants

Swedish Trade Council

Bizbook Decision makers in Swedish Industry

Company Facts, Bolagsfakta.

North America


Department of foreign affairs, start for a lot of information on Canada
Industry Canada. Good website with a lot of information and links   Canadian Government website  Doing business with Canada Canadian Statistics

Untied States Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Mexican Trade

. US Census bureau statistics on population and many other things.

Latin America

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
University of Texas, part of WWW Virtual Library.  Links to reference sites, discussion groups, business & finance sites, government sites, etc. Some sites in Spanish or Portuguese.

Internet Resources for Latin America
Links to internet guides, directories, databases.

Source for exporters

Africa  Africa information center


Asia General

Asia Business Connection
World Trade Venue Directory of Asian exporters 
Maps and geographic information Give information on each country British Government information on Asia

Information on products and producers.



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Int'l Organizations

Federation of International Trade Associations

Directory of 450 international trade associations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, at  Also Web Resources for International Trade at, a directory of 4000 sites covering finance, logistics, standards, legal, business travel, etc.  See “short cuts” list for trade shows, business directories, international market research etc.

National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce.  News, country profiles, industries, government contacts,
US trade statistics, legal information, trade shows, organizations, US embassies in Arab countries.

Association of American Chambers of Commerce in
Latin America
Brief country overviews.

Association of Balkan Chambers
Includes country profiles and a market research section.  deals mainly with culture  Canadian Government. Has links for travelers
Commercial guide for regions and countries
Gives specific profile and information as to countries. Has trade statistics and country information worldwide. Also try

UNCTAD International Trade Centre
Products & Services: Find aggregated trade stats by commodity and country (from UN’s COMTRADE database)
Look also at those links

by country,3351,en_33873108_33844430_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
by topic,3348,en_2649_201185_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Frequently Requested Statistics – Includes GDP, standardized unemployment rates, population, purchasing power parities, short-term economic statistics.

OAS Foreign Trade Information System.
SICE – Trade-Related Links
– Good set of links for each country in the Americas, incl. local banks, stats offices, etc.

Funded by Danish development agency, Danida. 
Asia, Africa & Latin America. Statistics, agriculture, government, industry. Links to docs, other sites, & citations for printed materials

Development Banks

World Bank Group
Click on Countries & Regions to find background information on 100 developing countries, click on Data & Statistics for country data. Also have statistics on the OECD countries

International Monetary Fund (Select "IMF Country Reports" under Series)
IMF Country Reports – Searchable and browsable collection of economic reports on various topics.  Sample recent reports:
Republic of Mozambique: Statistical Appendix; Tunisia: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes; and Forecasting Inflation in Indonesia. Free to view the reports in PDF.  Advanced search function to search by report title, author/editor, or subject; as well as limit by date and language of report.  To browse reports by country, link to
Has also good information on different publications. Give information on the countries policies too.

Asian Development Bank Economics & Statistics

Economic Resource Center – Statistics, key indicators, reports and review related to Asian development.  Also Country Economic Review at – Economic situation & prospects, & social indicators, for Asian countries (PDF)

Center for Latin American Capital Markets
Links to general economic data, from many government-sponsored databases.

Central American Bank for Economic Integration
Links to regional information sources and newspapers.



GlobalEDGE Resource Desk
Center for International Business & Research,
Michigan State U.  Info such as trade, stats, companies, government sources, and currency is arranged under Regional & Country-Specific Information, for Africa, Asia & Oceana, Europe, Central & South America, and North America.  Also under Statistical Data & Info Resources for links to UN and other international statistical sources.

– Virtual International Business & Economic Resources
Charlotte.  Meta-site: 1300 links to full-text articles, statistical tables and meta-pages.  Comprehensive sources include general and economic country information, regional sites are listed separately, and country sites are accessed through the alphabetical index.  Also sections on how to cite web pages, and how to evaluate web sites.

International Marketing

Emory University, Ruth Pagell (co-author of International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It, 1999)  Links arranged by 50 categories, from accounting to travel & tourism.  Also links to page of web sites by geographical area, with emphasis on EU Candidate countries.


Agri-Food Trade Service (Agriculture Canada)

How to Export – Includes International Business Etiquette Internet Sourcebook, and agri-food export business guides for Argentina, Brazil & Mexico.

Market reports for different products and countries
Includes most of the trade organizations

Asian Development Bank
International Chamber of Commerce and
Inter American Development Bank
OECD home page
NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement See sice above

United Nations
World Bank IBRD
World Bank IMF

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Example of searches on Dialog In English   In Swedish

Seminars on using on-line data bases   In English In Swedish

Data Star
In formation about Datastar databases.

Online search, you need an account
Online training Datastar

Information on all Dialog products including Datastar
Takes you on a tour on dialogweb. Note the different selection at the bottom of the page
Online training and seminars
Dialog reference material
Online search , you need an account


Info USA

Pronett. Search engine for businesses in more than 170 countries

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More Export Links

Oanda gives currencies and historic info in most currencies.
XE net. Is a currency converter

World Federation of Trading House Associations (WFTA)

World Pages US and Canadian white and yellow pages as well as e-mail and URL

Language, Culture

Japanese culture

Freight and deliveries to see how much is left of quota

A description of Incoterms by way of transport
ICC, International Chamber of Commerce home page, contains a lot of information including Incoterms

ATA carnet
To get an updated info

Importers and exporters
Directory of importers worldwide

European Tenders Electronic Daily  

Trade shows

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