EXPORT MASTER is a program for those who wish to improve their export and global business skills.

The key to success in international business is possessing the understanding and knowledge of market customs and business cultures. Even those with export experience need a continuous flow of new ideas and knowledge to succeed in a strong international market. Of course, experience can only be obtained by working in the different markets. Knowledge and information about other companies' experiences however, can be gained by meeting with other exporting companies and those who work internationally.

EXPORT MASTER assists your company in expanding internationally. One prerequisite to success in exporting is that everyone in the company understands what is required of them. Strong team work among staff and departments is also essential.

Our program involves a combination of education, training, practical work and advice, to develop all individuals and groups within the company into a more understanding and active team. We work with all staff members ranging from the president and chairman of the board, to those involved in packing and shipping.

combines practical education with training in exporting on all levels.

  • We discuss and cover every aspect of the company with examples of success stories and failures
  • We exemplify how to do business in different markets.
  • We work with examples from your own company,so that you and your fellow workers will feel "at home".
  • We will stimulate and guide your organization to produce better marketing and sales material.
  • We will assist you in creating a better global understanding thereby helping you achieve a better relationship with your foreign representatives.
  • We will teach you how you can increase the profitability of your company with a different choice of distribution and knowledge about the market.
  • We will cover everything from "Why Export?" to "Activating and selecting your foreign representatives."

Below is a short description of some seminars we offer. Ask for a detailed description of the seminar of special interest to you, or let us tailor-make one for your company.


An Export Work Day or Weekend

This is a program for the company or individual who is relatively new to export and wants to receive a broad base knowledge about the different ingredients in exporting. This program is aimed at everybody from the receptionist to the president.

This program is tailored specifically for the members of your company. We bring together your staff (including production, administration, marketing, finance, R&D, packing, reception etc.) in order to educate and interest them in the "art" of doing international business.

Not only will we give your staff an increased knowledge base, but we will also get them to collectively work to develop new markets, new sales aids etc. By doing this we will furthermore stimulate better team work. We want this day/weekend to result in decisions. For that reason it is important that someone from company management is an active participant.

The same program is also carried out as "open" seminars, for several companies simultaneously. In this case, we try to match participants with the same background and knowledge level.

More information about an Export Work Day or Weekend

Searching for and Activating your Representative

This program is for company representatives who presently work with, or plan to work with representatives or subsidiaries. The participants can be presidents in smaller companies, or export managers or similar positions in large companies, who have daily contact with representatives. The seminar requires some background knowledge on exporting, e.g. the seminar "An Export Work day or Weekend" or a couple of years experience in an export department.

  • This package is for those who wish to achieve better results from the "representative who does not perform" or who wish to stimulate their new distributor or subsidiary.
  • This package contains everything from how to search for, and select representatives, to information on the best way to create a strong local sales organization.

More Information on Searching for & Activating Your Representative

Exportmaster Executive Weekend

The is a program for the designed for people with export experience, e.g. export manager, marketing manager, as well as the president in a smaller company. This is a "short program" for you as manager, where you spend from Friday lunch to Saturday noon with 8-12 other executives.

We will present a fast update in the art and hurdles of doing international business. We will also discuss the ways of selecting distributors, and new "tools" available for finding and selecting representatives. After this we will be working together with you and the other participants, with one or more examples from the participating companies. This is done in order to work out an active plan of how to search, select, and activate your representatives. We will furthermore discuss how to get customers, distributors/subsidiaries and their staff active and "fired up". This program directly applies to your daily work and will increase your company's activity and help you achieve better results in the future. We can guarantee that you leave this 24-hour session with many new ideas and experiences.

More Information on EXPORT MASTER Executive Weekend

Executive Export Master

A program for presidents and company executives, with the main goal of not only transferring the knowledge of how to do international business, but also transferring seminar material etc. so the executives themselves can educate their own staff.

A program where you together with 6-8 other executives during six meetings,(8-10 weeks apart), are offered:

  • Education in International Business with the goal that you, with the material we give, can educate your own staff. We will supply you with both the education and material.
  • Problem solving: together with the others in the group, we will discuss your company's possibilities, problems and solutions including changes in organization, problems with personnel etc.
  • You will receive a base of contacts off which you can "bounce" your ideas off in your day to day activities.

More Information on Executive EXPORT MASTER.


Export Master for Municipalities and Counties

This program's goal is the increasing globalization of municipalities and counties. We discuss everything from how to attract international companies to directing your local industry towards new export markets.

More Information on EXPORT MASTER for Municipalities & Counties

Doing Business in North America

This is a program for those who wish to start or reactivate ventures in the North American market. We will describe everything from: the market, how to reach it and do business locally, to setting up suitable distribution.

More Information on Doing Business in North America

Doing Business in Europe

This is a program for those who wish to start or reactivate ventures in the European market.

We will describe everything from: the market, how to reach it and do business locally, to setting up!suitable distribution.

More Information on Doing Business in Europe

Using On-Line Databases in Your Export Activities

Today, a vast amount of information can be obtained by using on-line databases. This includes gaining valuable information concerning market information and trade statistics. This tool allows you to search and select the right distributor irrespective of where they are on the globe. It is also possible to analyze what your competition is doing, and find out which companies have applied for patents within your specific industry.

This program illuminates the possibilities and practical methods for you to become more professional in exporting. We take you through the basics of databases, including how they are built and how to apply them in a practical way.

More Information on Using On-Line Databases in Your Export Activities

These programs are only examples of what we can offer.

Ask us for our detailed program descriptions, or let us customize a program to suit your company needs.


HOLMVALL INTERNATIONAL TRADING INC. our other company, can assist you with everything from "the first steps in exporting", to starting a company and even "running" your company. We can assist you in carrying out market studies, as well as searching for representatives. We offer a practical program of education, training and motivation to make your organization into an even better international company. We can share with you our more than 30 years of experience in doing International business. Test us with our quality guarantee.

Why not hire us for a half day seminar at your next conference to, e.g., present "Export Markets, Today an Tomorrow"; a very inexpensive investment.

We guarantee your satisfaction. More than 1500 companies and individuals have already participated in our programs.

Look at your calendar. You, as well as we, have an active schedule. Call us and ask for Leif Holmvall, to set up a suitable time for us both.

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