Doing business in a new market presents many unexpected problems mixed with many possibilities. Every market has its unique problems, characteristics and demands with which you have to comply in order to succeed.

Selecting and entering a market requires knowledge, experience and commitment combined with the ability to adapt to the "playing rules" present in this market.

The world market is changing fast. In the "old days" it was possible to analyze past trends to predict future development. Today new markets "pop up" overnight. The traditional markets are no longer the fastest growing. The world market contains more players than ever, all anxious to compete and take their slice of the pie.

In this fast paced market it is necessary to utilize skills and experience combined with the latest tools and technologies. This is done in order to select and enter the right markets in the most professional way. We can help you accomplish this. We can assist you in establishing yourself and also in succeeding in your daily activities.


Holmvall International Trading Inc. was established in Canada in 1982. Our staff consists of ex-Europeans, who can offer their broad experience from daily contacts with the North American and European markets. We also have extensive experience from Latin America, Asia and Africa. We can offer you our local presence in North America in combination with our broad experience of doing business in international markets.


Below are some examples of our activities. Order our complete company presentation to receive more detailed information about each of them. We can of course customize programs to meet your specific needs.

Different types of Assignments

Market surveys.

  • We do everything from the "small" market survey on the local market, to global market research.

Searching and establishing local representatives

  • We will search, analyze and select representatives for you, based on your demand and your resources. We can assume the responsibility of actively working with your representatives on a daily basis.

Activating already existing representatives.

  • Many foreign companies feel that their representatives are not active enough to produce satisfactory results. Let us reactivate them for you. Our extensive experience makes it easier for both you and the representative.

More Information on Different Types of Assignments

Establishment of Subsidiaries

We assist you not only in establishing the subsidiary, but also with the start up process. We can also help you with already established companies, e.g. in connection with reorganization.

More Information on Establishment of Subsidiaries

Export Office for Rent

It is not always necessary to establish your own export office at an early stage. We can take you over the hurdles and assist you not only in selecting the right markets, but also help you with negotiations in foreign markets.

We can educate your staff and help them gain experience so they feel comfortable to "fly on their own."

We can also work as your extended arm into new markets.

More Information on Export Office to Rent


On-Line Databases for Market Research

In order to study different markets quickly and inexpensively, we use On-line Databases. These enable us to rapidly obtain information about the market and potential distributors, irrespective of where they are on the globe.

More Information about On-Line Databases for Market Research

Education in Doing International Business

We can, through our other company EXPORT PRO INC., educate you and your staff in the "art" of doing international business. We can also assist you in improving your skills in exporting, and selecting and activating representatives all over the world. Why not book us for your next sales conference to, e.g., let us tell you about "Export Markets Today and Tomorrow". We guarantee to provide your staff with new ideas.

Click here to find out about Export Pro Inc.

Many Companies use Us

We work with companies ranging from the small family company to the large corporations represented on the stock exchange. We have actively helped more than 100 companies, not only into the North American market, but into markets spread all over the world. We have worked with many of them continuously since our start in 1982.

Our Reference List with Detailed Company Information


We want to help you catch some.

With more than 30 years of hands on international business experience in the global market place, including executive positions in Europe and North America as well as the position as Swedish Trade Commissioner to Canada, we can help you achieve profitable results.

Drop us a line or give us a call, fax us or send an E-mail and we will send you a complete package about our companies and what we can offer.

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