The Owner

Leif Holmvall

Main Qualifications

International marketing: more that 30 years of practical experience in more than 100 countries. Specialist in establishing companies and their products abroad.
Specialist w.r.t. the North American market, lived in Canada since 1978.
Also specialist w.r.t. European market, born and worked there for a large number of years.
Performs studies of globalization of countries and municipalities, and attracting foreign investors.
Assists companies, in a practical manner, in succeeding in international business.


Business Diploma in International Marketing
Management Education

Work Experience

Has operated own consulting companies in Canada since 1982: Export Pro Inc. & Holmvall International Trading Inc.
Swedish Trade Commissioner to Canada 1978-1982.
Marketing Manager at Kockums - worldwide sales of sawmill equipment.
Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco - worldwide sales of construction equipment.
Has held a number of other positions in marketing and product development.
Teaches at IHM Business School in Sweden, as well as at other business schools.
Educates European and North American company management in International Business.

Consulting Activities

Specializes in International Business, with knowledge of a broad spectrum of industries.
Markets include: Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.
Clients range from small companies to large companies represented on the stock exchange including municipalities, government agencies, and international organizations.


Published a number of books and articles about Exporting and International Business (IHM, Liber, Swedish Trade Council, Export Pro Inc. etc.).
Holds advanced knowledge with respect to IT and modern technical tools.
On boards of both Swedish and North American companies and organizations.

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